 All registration forms must be completed and submitted to IMT with the appropriate payment information, signatures, and

initials prior to the first class.

 A debit or credit card must be on file at IMT unless specific arrangements have been approved by IMT prior to enrollment.

 Your credit card will be run on the first (1 st ) of every month until notification of cancellation is received by IMT. (Please see

CANCELLATION policy below.)

 Should you cancel your child’s enrollment and wish to continue later in the school year, the processing fee is waived but a 

re-enrollment fee may be added to your payment to reinstate your child in IMT classes.


 Tuition paid to IMT includes one music class per week except when IMT is closed for holidays. A calendar will be emailed to

you along with confirmation of payment and enrollment.

 There is a small fee to change the time of your class unless requested by IMT.

 Class times are reserved for your enrolled child. If a sibling needs to attend and participate you may arrange for a one class

payment with IMT prior to the class.

 Please do not attend class if you think your child may be sick.


 You may cancel your child’s enrollment in IMT by notifying IMT at least five (5) days prior to the first (1 st ) of the month.

 Cancellations which have not been made five (5) days before the first (1 st ) of the month will be automatically charged and

your child will be re-enrolled for classes that month.


 Tuition paid reserves a spot in a class at a specific time therefore no refunds or credits shall be issued for missed classes.

 Refunds or credits will not be given due to the failure to cancel enrollment at least 5 days prior to the 1 st of the month.

I have read the above terms of enrollment and registration at It’s Music Time and I agree to all terms as listed. I hereby hold It’s

Music Time harmless for any and all damages, injuries or losses that may be sustained while attending class at It’s Music Time.

_______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________


I understand that any video or photographs taken during classes may be used by It’s Music Time for advertising or promotional

purposes. I understand that It’s Music time will never use the videos or photographs for any purpose other than advertising and