Our classes

We offer fun and interactive programs specifically designed for each age and stage of early childhood development.  Founding teacher Nanci Harms has helped hundreds of students learn to make music using the extraordinary Music Rhapsody curriculum.  With beautiful and diverse songs, the use of repetition, instruments, puppets and visuals, we foster the love of music in an exciting and creative environment. Our classes meet your child exactly where he or she is.

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Internationally Proven Program 

Our group classes use the Music Rhapsody program developed by internationally renowned music educator, Lynn Kleiner. Each level has an accompanying age-appropriate Instrument Kit. 

Early Childhood Music

Research has shown that babies, from developing fetus to toddler, respond instinctively to music and benefit from it. They are born with a musical readiness that includes a basic sense of timing, beat and rhythm. As they naturally respond to music, infants and toddlers who are exposed regularly to music are shown to concentrate and learn more quickly. They demonstrate advanced verbal skills, increased vocabulary and better coordination than those children without music.  Everything learned in music class better prepares your child for private lessons at a later date. 

Variety of Classes

Group classes by age beginning with a baby class (3 months - walking independently), toddler class (1s and 2s), kids class (3s and 4s), big kids class (4 - 6), young musicians class (5 - 7).  Private voice and guitar lessons also available.